Investment Opportunities Evaluation in Real Estate

When looking for a suitable investment the choices on offer can often be confusing to say the least. There are so many possibilities on offer that even the most seasoned and savvy investor can be bogged down by choice or sidetracked by promises that under investigation cannot always be delivered.

Too often investors are attracted by offers of ‘fixed returns’ and ‘guaranteed exits’ we have seen this in trendy investments recently such as student lets, care homes and hotel rooms, but ask yourself the question: why do good investments need promises? Generally speaking it is to take your attention away from what is glaringly obvious to some and that is, trends change.

Could it be that in future things change, think about public phone boxes and camera film perhaps? Could it be that companies like Air BnB make hotels redundant, or health care improvements and qualified affordable home carers mean care homes are no longer required, or that new technology means students can all study from home and therefore make student lets redundant?

Perhaps then despite the good and honorable intentions of the company offering them, the promises of a fixed return and exit strategy for these investments begin to make more sense don’t they, but remember many of these promises are reliant on one major factor and that is that the company who sold them to you is still in operation and able to fulfill the promises made, are you prepared to take that risk on the latest trend?

Focus the core of your investments on what won’t change
I believe the core of your investment should be concentrated on things that won’t change, and we know a few things that will not change, a bit like the computer industry know that people will never want slower internet connections or more difficult to use software applications, we know that people will want not want to start living on the street instead of their home.

It is these fundamentals that maintain our focus to our successful investment model – freehold, tenanted, professionally managed property in stable areas that have a strong connection to other property success stories once considered to be off limits to anyone with half a brain.

Where are the best emerging property regions now and how can you get involved?
You can start investing today in properties with immediate passive income available from only $35,000 – £25,000 and achieve annual yields up to 20% in some cases. Even have foreign investor financing so that those who wish to leverage and use up to 60-70% LTV can do so.

To get involved now or to start learning how we can help you then please write to us at or visit to fill the Enquiry form and we can begin to help you focus. If you want any promises from us at this stage, then the one thing that we can promise is that we will not change our focus and commitment to helping investors add strength to the core of their portfolio with freehold, tenanted, professionally managed residential property or properties which are available at good value and eligible for good appreciation based upon solid fundamentals.

So for what you are waiting for? Join our investor information distribution list and we will keep you informed about suitable properties in our knowledge.


Why Pursue Property for Investment in Dubai?

There are a number of reasons which we will outline below. Dubai’s population explosion has resulted in large numbers of investors from the world over buying/selling/investing in residential or commercial property in the Dubai, UAE.

With huge numbers of businesses registering in Dubai the need for residential, commercial space has become great. Whether it is houses, offices, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses or any other type of property, with such a high demand for Property Investment in Dubai, it rarely stays on the market for any great length of time.

Tips when looking for an Investment Property

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  • Dubai Investment Law
  • Reasons to invest in Dubai
  • Advantages and disadvantages on investing in Dubai
  • Off-plan properties
  • Advantages of buying off-plan
  • How to profit from real estate
  • Coming projects
  • How much to borrow
  • Dubai investments and speculations
  • Reasons that Dubai property will be higher
  • Dubai and financial sector
  • Typical clients
  • Low price investments

Dubai Property Investment

Buying a Dubai property is arguably one of the most exciting and astute ventures that any prospective buyer can make. Low in value but skyrocketing in terms of appreciation, there has never been a better time to invest in Dubai your hard earned money elsewhere.

Since the turn of the century, Dubai has gone about some of the most radical changes seen in the landscape of a country. Seemingly unrecognizable to what existed a couple of decades ago, the 2nd largest emirate has undergone structural development unseen before now.

Due to the media attention that has accompanied Dubai’s rise to fame, the exceeding amount of growing property has not gone unnoticed by foreign investors. Over a third of its 100,000 population does not heed from the country they now call home, and here’s why. Dubai, although in appearance rich and prosperous, is actually a very poor country with a failing economy. The wealth of the country is distributed among a very select few leaving the rest of inhabitants almost penniless.

This fact should not go lost on anyone shopping for property in Dubai. At no point do you need to have millions when browsing for Dubai real estate. For less than £150,000 you can grab yourself a 2-bedroom seaside apartment. Considering the equivalent sum would just about get you a glorified cardboard box in central London, it may not seem as stupid of an idea.

Whether you looking for property investment in Dubai or you are buying for business or pleasure, the attractive nature of both Dubai’s growing vibrancy and gorgeous climate make this a safe bet in every way. A Mecca for tourists chasing soaring temperatures and sandy beaches, this ever growing country will soon be hitting up tourist boards up and down the country.

You may be asking yourself why this influx of property and buildings work has occurred. Simply, in comparison to the United Kingdom, Dubai is a very straightforward place. Unlike the UK, there are very few listed buildings, world heritage sites or national parks meaning that obtaining permission to build is far easier than here in Britain.
Dubai is rich with areas to invest your money, leading off with the Palm Islands and the World Islands. These, rather predictably are a set of islands in the shape of a palm tree and a collection of sand islands to replicate the continents of the globe. Seeing as the pair of these are still a way from completion, investors would be wise to negotiate land deals as early as possible to eliminate the risk of inflation that is rife in the emirates.

Whether you are looking to find yourself a nice retreat to the sun or a nest egg in these uncertain times, Dubai is the most lucrative option in every department. Growing at a rate of knots unseen in modern history, this is a property paradise for anyone brave enough to take the risk.