Residential Property Investment in Dubai

Dubai, the land of dreams and hopes has been one of the hottest property markets. People from all corners of the world wishes to have a residential property in places that offers better return. The
promising future, steady growth and sound infrastructure make it one of the best investment options for the investors. The city of buildings definitely has some lucrative property investment alternatives for the seekers. Explore the realtor world of and purchase residential property in Dubai.

How to buy an apartment, villas in Dubai?

Real estate investment has never been an easy affair for the laymen. Don’t let the doubts or incomplete information force you to invest your cash recklessly. Get the assistance of the professional realtors,
explore the market wisely and chose an option that not only meet your current financial goal, but offer safe prospect as well.

First, explore the market, then compare the alternatives and last choose one of the most suitable options.

The growth rate of estate world is promising, but one must choose a property wisely. The value of the land is decided by many factors, get the most from your investment; always choose a property that is suitable for you. Let the Dubai’s leading real estate agency, assist you in finding most promising residential property. Whether you need a full-constructed and well-furnished home, or need to buy a land for villa construction, the locality of the property and its surrounding is largely going to influence your return.

Take help of the advance web technology to refine your property search and let the industry experts guide you in your ambitious venture, the decision to buy landholdings in Dubai is going to affect your finance, make sure your decision helps you in gaining more stability and prosperity.

Invest in Residential Property in Dubai and build your beautiful dream house in this city of joy.


Why Pursue Property for Investment in Dubai?

There are a number of reasons which we will outline below. Dubai’s population explosion has resulted in large numbers of investors from the world over buying/selling/investing in residential or commercial property in the Dubai, UAE.

With huge numbers of businesses registering in Dubai the need for residential, commercial space has become great. Whether it is houses, offices, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses or any other type of property, with such a high demand for Property Investment in Dubai, it rarely stays on the market for any great length of time.

Tips when looking for an Investment Property

  • Do I Need a Professional Property Manager? What will they do for me?
  • Dubai Investment Law
  • Reasons to invest in Dubai
  • Advantages and disadvantages on investing in Dubai
  • Off-plan properties
  • Advantages of buying off-plan
  • How to profit from real estate
  • Coming projects
  • How much to borrow
  • Dubai investments and speculations
  • Reasons that Dubai property will be higher
  • Dubai and financial sector
  • Typical clients
  • Low price investments

Guide to Buying Property in Dubai

Buying property in Dubai is probably the easiest procedure of anywhere in the world. In May 2002 Dubai’s rulers issued a a new laws according  that foreigners were legally entitled to own freehold property and that buyer of property receive a free resident’s visa.

Most importantly for investors, Dubai simply has no taxes of any kind for both onshore and offshore activities. Dubai is not a ‘tax haven’, but a country with no taxes of any kind, or indeed a tax department.

Contract and Payment

Having chosen your desired property in Dubai you will sign a contract with the developer, which includes the payment terms. Expect to pay a 15% – 20% deposit followed by stage payments related to the build. Even though we uses reputable multi-national developers, we always recommend using a solicitor and we shall supply contact details of a suitable solicitor with knowledge of Dubai property.

The main purchasing fee payable other than the solicitor is a Sales Registration Charge. This is a 1-2% charge of which 1-1.5% is paid by the buyer and 0.5-1% is paid by the seller to the Dubai Lands Department, which registers the movement of real estate exchange.

Continuing Payment

The property developer forms an association of residents. This association comprises the residents of the building and has a president and manager. The association is responsible for day-to-day management of the building including the facilities – swimming pool, health club, Jacuzzi, saunas, tennis courts, landscaped gardens, 24 hours security, etc. The association is non-profit making so payment is at actual. The contract of purchase also details caps on the individual payments to the residents association.

Calculate your Rent or Mortgage by using Rent Calculator and Mortgage Calculator and if you are owner of property and want to calculate your property worth visit: Dubai Property Valuation.

Dubai – Most Popular City and Emirate in United Arab Emirates

Seven Emirates came together in 1971 to form the United Arab Emirates with Abu Dhabi as the capital and Dubai as the commercial centre. The Emirates are renowned for their wealth due to vast oil reserves in the deserts that surround the cities, but in recent years Dubai, in a forward thinking move to times when the oil supply will be depleted, has been pouring money into the city to create the most spectacular modern city in world.

Dubai has established itself as a leading tourist destination with its ideal situation for twin destination holidays to Southern Asia, but with incredible growth and the creation of new attractions it is now attracts 5 million visitors a year and is currently the third most popular long haul destination for British holidaymakers.

Dubai, as an ultra modern city with an electrifying atmosphere has the perfect recipe to attract the holidaymakers. Primarily the main attraction is the sunshine. It simply does not rain in Dubai, making it a perfect winter spot for those looking to escape for some winter sun.

Other key attractions of Dubai are

The ease of access with dozens of flights everyday from most of the airports.

Security – Strict laws and affluent population means crime is virtually unheard of.

Accommodation – Hotels are some of the best in the world, including the only seven stars Burj Al Arab, and property is of very high standard with complexes having facilities that match the hotels.

Universally outstanding food from a huge selection of restaurants.

The desert with desert safaris and sand boarding being very popular.

Shopping. Huge shopping malls with familiar labels and tax free prices are a must.

Entertainment including camel racing, horse racing, water sports and the Wild Wadi water park.

And if this is not enough, work has already commenced on the world’s tallest building, the world’s first underwater hotel, a revolving ski slope and a £3bn theme park – Dubai World.

Dubai Property Investment

Buying a Dubai property is arguably one of the most exciting and astute ventures that any prospective buyer can make. Low in value but skyrocketing in terms of appreciation, there has never been a better time to invest in Dubai your hard earned money elsewhere.

Since the turn of the century, Dubai has gone about some of the most radical changes seen in the landscape of a country. Seemingly unrecognizable to what existed a couple of decades ago, the 2nd largest emirate has undergone structural development unseen before now.

Due to the media attention that has accompanied Dubai’s rise to fame, the exceeding amount of growing property has not gone unnoticed by foreign investors. Over a third of its 100,000 population does not heed from the country they now call home, and here’s why. Dubai, although in appearance rich and prosperous, is actually a very poor country with a failing economy. The wealth of the country is distributed among a very select few leaving the rest of inhabitants almost penniless.

This fact should not go lost on anyone shopping for property in Dubai. At no point do you need to have millions when browsing for Dubai real estate. For less than £150,000 you can grab yourself a 2-bedroom seaside apartment. Considering the equivalent sum would just about get you a glorified cardboard box in central London, it may not seem as stupid of an idea.

Whether you looking for property investment in Dubai or you are buying for business or pleasure, the attractive nature of both Dubai’s growing vibrancy and gorgeous climate make this a safe bet in every way. A Mecca for tourists chasing soaring temperatures and sandy beaches, this ever growing country will soon be hitting up tourist boards up and down the country.

You may be asking yourself why this influx of property and buildings work has occurred. Simply, in comparison to the United Kingdom, Dubai is a very straightforward place. Unlike the UK, there are very few listed buildings, world heritage sites or national parks meaning that obtaining permission to build is far easier than here in Britain.
Dubai is rich with areas to invest your money, leading off with the Palm Islands and the World Islands. These, rather predictably are a set of islands in the shape of a palm tree and a collection of sand islands to replicate the continents of the globe. Seeing as the pair of these are still a way from completion, investors would be wise to negotiate land deals as early as possible to eliminate the risk of inflation that is rife in the emirates.

Whether you are looking to find yourself a nice retreat to the sun or a nest egg in these uncertain times, Dubai is the most lucrative option in every department. Growing at a rate of knots unseen in modern history, this is a property paradise for anyone brave enough to take the risk.

Things You Must know About Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market has been powering forward in 2014, rising back to the prominence the Emirate enjoyed before the financial crisis.
Here are some interesting facts you must know known about extraordinary Dubai:

1. Foreigners make up 85% of Dubai’s population with Emiratis in a significant minority.  The majority come from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh seeking work in the booming real estate market.

2. Government provide subsidies to emiratis which include free education, medical care and free housing. However, 2014 has seen their subsidies cut back to actively encourage them to get jobs, mainly in the tourist industry.

3. Dubai is the on of the fastest growing city in the world. In 1991, the Emirate had just one tall building located at the edge of the desert – now there are more than 400 high rise buildings, including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, visible from 95km away!

4. Dubai discovered oil in 1963 and today it accounts for around 11% of GDP with tourism and trading representing bigger components of its economy.

5. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world with over 1,200 stores.

6. Dubai approached Disneyland with a view to building a resort in the Emirate. However, Disneyland turned down the project saying Dubai was too small.  Dubai then went on to construct its own theme park called Dubailand.

7. Despite being in the middle of the desert, it is possible to ski in Dubai – inside the Mall of the Emirates.

8. There are no personal taxes in Dubai.

9. Dubai real estate is growing so fast that one out of every 4 cranes on Earth is located there.

10. The iconic artificial Palm Islands imported enough sand to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings, that’s 94 million cubic metres in total.

11. The interior of the world’s most luxurious hotel – the Burj al Arab  is decorated with around 1,790sqm of 24-carat gold leaf. The 7-star hotel is the fourth tallest hotel in the world with rooms costing an average €16,000 a night.

12. Dubai’s police force shies away from regular patrol cars, preferring supercars in the hopes of impressing tourists, including the Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and even the Aston Martin One-77!

13. In Dubai’s development pipeline is a climate-controlled ‘city’ to be constructed on 4.45km² of land with air-conditioned boardwalks connecting the various sections together. The city will be twice the size of Monaco.

Amazing Dubai Top Attractions – Best Places to Visit in UAE

Dubai is a amazing city of the world with modern infrastructure and plenty to see and appreciate. Dubai is a unique destinatin for business center as well as for tourism.It has plenty of attractions, wonderful beaches, malls, shoppings, gold souk, adventure activities, numerous eating options, quality hotels and a good nightlife.

Here are the some most amazing place to see in Dubai

1. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport:
Dubai International Airport:

It is the main international airport of Dubai, major airline hub in Middle East. This airport are spread over an area of 8,500 acres with total capacity of 80 million passengers annually. It’s Terminal 3 is the largest airport terminal in the world. It is also 7th busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic and the 2nd busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

2. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest shopping mall. it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown Dubai complex, and includes 1,200 shops, also known as home of the Dubai shopping festival. This mall is famous for its Dubai Aquarium, Under Water Zoo, The Shark Tunnel, Ice Rink and  Dubai Fountains, etc..

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach

3.Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence is a largest single-phase residential area, situated near Dubai Marina and beach. Its surrounded by 36 towers, a wide promenade lined with shops, restaurants, coffee, cafes and boutique.

The Palm Islands
The Palm Islands

4. The Palm Islands

Palm Islands are the first man-made islands in the world and also “Eighth Wonder of the World”. These island are designed in the shape of a date palm tree. These have a large number of residential and entertainment centres and 520 kilometres of non-public beaches to the city of Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa

5. The Burj Khalifa: The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, look like a giant futuristic rocket from the skyline. It is man-made tallest free-standing structure in the world.

Gold Souk
Gold Souk

6. Gold Souk

Gold Souk is a traditional gold market in Dubai, UAE. It consists of hundreds of jewellery stores. It is located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district in Deira.

Desert Skiing
Desert Skiing

7. Desert Skiing

Ski Dubai are situated in the Mall of the Emirates, worlds largest Snow Park. It consisting 3000 square meters of snow that is one of a kind attraction that leaves you breathless.

Atlantis Hotel
Atlantis Hotel

8. Atlantis Hotel – Palm Islands

Atlantis is a hotel resorts located at the Palm Jumeirah. It was the first resorts to be built on the island, themed on myth of Atlantis with inclusion of Arabian elements.


9. Dubailand

Dubailand is an sprawling entertainment complex being built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is also called Disney land for children of all ages, one of the most ambitious leisure developments ever proposed anywhere in the world.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

10. Dubai Metro:

Dubai Metro is a driver less, fully automated metro rail network in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.

Cityscape Global Conference, 21-23 September 2014, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

The Empire Prestige team is looking forward to attending the upcoming event of CityScape Global Conference in Dubai – September 21 – 23, 2014.

CityScape Global Conference are the annual meeting point for real estate investors, developers, regional and city investment promotion authorities, architects, property designers and other real estate professionals to drive growth in emerging markets of real estate investment and development across globally. Above 25,000
participants, Cityscape is the annual opportunity to build and maintain your presence across Middle East real estate markets.

Visit Event Website

Studio Apartment for Sale in Dubai Downtown

This luxurious 1 bedroom studio apartment for sale and is ideally located in the Downtown, Downtown Dubai Mall. Its cover total area of 802 sq ft, this unit offers mall view and partial fountain view to begin with.

Studio Apartment for sale in Dubai
Studio Apartment for sale in Dubai

Bedroom is very attractive and have built-in wardrobes and stylish bath. Fitted good quality appliances and cabinets. This facility ensures the luxury and comfort to the residents. The  breathtaking dining and living area gives you a place for relaxation and recreation. Reserved parking space is available. The balcony is used to unwind its beautiful surroundings.

All serviced residences are offer full housekeeping service with 24 hour security and personal fashion adviser service on request. Visitors also have have a wealth of facilities at their disposal including a dining options as well as an exclusive access to our completely prepared Fitness Center and swimming pool

Property Details:

Studio Apartment for sale in Dubai
Studio Apartment for sale in Dubai

1. Property Size : 802 Sqft
2. Price AED 2,800,000
3. 1 Bedroom
4. Fully furnished


1. Balcony
2. Built in wardrobes

Studio Apartment for sale in Dubai
Studio Apartment for sale in Dubai

3. Covered parking
4. Fully furnished
5. Shared swimming pool
6. View of sea/water
7. Metro station
8. Public transport
9. Restaurants
10.Shopping mall

2 Bedroom apartment with terrace in Palm Jumeirah for sale

This lovely 2 bedrooms apartment is ideally located in Palm Jumeirah, Marina Residence 2, one of the Dubai’s most renowned addresses and is available for sale. Total Build up area of 1981 sq ft. with private and a big size of terrace.

2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah
2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the first completed island and today has over 40,000 residents. These are well known as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. These island has doubled the existing coastline and will also double the number of beachfront hotels in the Dubai.

Marina Residences is a residential building and located at the heart of The Palm Jumeirah which is the Dubai’s most celebrated landmarks and a great tourist attraction. This offer panoramic marina and island views spanning the Arabian Gulf and Dubai coastline.

Property Details

2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah
2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah

1. Plot Size 1981.00 m2
2. Price AED 3,000,000
3. Number of Bedroom 2
4. Number of Bathrooms 2
5. Private big size of terrace


2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah
2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah

1. Basement parking
2. Built in wardrobes
3. Central air conditioning
4. Fully fitted kitchen
6.Shared swimming pool
7.Steam room

2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah
2 Bedroom apartment for sale in Palm Jumeirah

8.Children’s play area