Investment Opportunities Evaluation in Real Estate

When looking for a suitable investment the choices on offer can often be confusing to say the least. There are so many possibilities on offer that even the most seasoned and savvy investor can be bogged down by choice or sidetracked by promises that under investigation cannot always be delivered.

Too often investors are attracted by offers of ‘fixed returns’ and ‘guaranteed exits’ we have seen this in trendy investments recently such as student lets, care homes and hotel rooms, but ask yourself the question: why do good investments need promises? Generally speaking it is to take your attention away from what is glaringly obvious to some and that is, trends change.

Could it be that in future things change, think about public phone boxes and camera film perhaps? Could it be that companies like Air BnB make hotels redundant, or health care improvements and qualified affordable home carers mean care homes are no longer required, or that new technology means students can all study from home and therefore make student lets redundant?

Perhaps then despite the good and honorable intentions of the company offering them, the promises of a fixed return and exit strategy for these investments begin to make more sense don’t they, but remember many of these promises are reliant on one major factor and that is that the company who sold them to you is still in operation and able to fulfill the promises made, are you prepared to take that risk on the latest trend?

Focus the core of your investments on what won’t change
I believe the core of your investment should be concentrated on things that won’t change, and we know a few things that will not change, a bit like the computer industry know that people will never want slower internet connections or more difficult to use software applications, we know that people will want not want to start living on the street instead of their home.

It is these fundamentals that maintain our focus to our successful investment model – freehold, tenanted, professionally managed property in stable areas that have a strong connection to other property success stories once considered to be off limits to anyone with half a brain.

Where are the best emerging property regions now and how can you get involved?
You can start investing today in properties with immediate passive income available from only $35,000 – £25,000 and achieve annual yields up to 20% in some cases. Even have foreign investor financing so that those who wish to leverage and use up to 60-70% LTV can do so.

To get involved now or to start learning how we can help you then please write to us at or visit to fill the Enquiry form and we can begin to help you focus. If you want any promises from us at this stage, then the one thing that we can promise is that we will not change our focus and commitment to helping investors add strength to the core of their portfolio with freehold, tenanted, professionally managed residential property or properties which are available at good value and eligible for good appreciation based upon solid fundamentals.

So for what you are waiting for? Join our investor information distribution list and we will keep you informed about suitable properties in our knowledge.


Best Deals on Swimming Pools Construction & Accessories are Just a Few Clicks Away

Focus Pools is one of Dubai’s premier swimming pool contractors, our team has completed hundreds of swimming pool and landscaping projects all across the UAE. We provide turnkey solutions that guarantee quality, all of our material is sourced and distributed by us. We have relationships with the best of the best in swimming pool machinery and technology and have our own custom joinery facility to complete your space exactly how you envision it.

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The Best Materials

From the pumps and machinery we use in our pools to the tiles we lay, we source everything our selves and ensure the best quality available on the market today. Check out what we offer

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A Complete Workforce

At focus pools we employ a team of 70. From Designers and Engineers to skilled workers including Masons, Carpenters, steel fitters, plumbers, pipe fitters & fabricators, there is nothing we outsource, allowing us to ensure the quality of our work.

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Sidra Villas by Emaar at Dubai Hills Estate

The successful release of Sidra Phases 1 and 2, Sidra Phase 3 is available now.

The successful release of Sidra Phases 1 and 2, Sidra Phase 3 is available now.  REGISTER FOR ACCESS

Dubai Hills Estate, the first phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, introduces Sidra. It is a collection of ultramodern luxurious villas elegantly designed for comfort and taste for the high life of its residents.

Sidra will feature five types of villas ranging from 3,102 – 4,283 sq.ft. each featuring 3-5 bedrooms.

Sidra can also avail of the Dubai Hills Golf Club in order for its residents to stay fit and active. It is a world-class golf course, an 18-hole championship one with a massive carpet of greens.

Simply choose the floor plan that suits your interior and lifestyle needs for a seamless living experience.

Get a post payment plan by paying 60% through easy instalments till completion and 40% payment post handover over 2 years.


Please Call +971 56 1701787 or send an email to  for further details.

Project Image:

Property in Sidra at Dubai Hills Estate by Emaar
Property in Sidra at Dubai Hills Estate by Emaar

gallery-1 gallery2 Villa1-Floor-Map Villa2-Floor-Map Villa3-Floor-Map Villa4-Floor-Map Villa5-Floor-Map

How to Buy Property in Dubai UAE – Detailed Guidance

This Guide is intended to explain the typical steps involved in buying a property in Dubai. The Guide is free to everyone, not just members of After reading it, you should have enough knowledge to handle your purchase with confidence.

What service can I expect from an estate agent?

The real estate agent is paid by the Vendor, so they act for them not the purchaser. He is not obliged to highlight negative aspects of the property to you. The agent will show you suitable property for sale and put any offers to their vendor clients.

What costs do I need to consider?

There are a number of costs to be taken into account when buying property. Typically these are: –

  • Solicitor’s fees (including stamp duty, local authority searches, etc)
  • Part payments on council tax, ground rents, service charges
  • About 10% deposit
  • Property insurance and house contents insurance
  • Mortgage (indemnity premium and arrangement fees – usually can be added to mortgage)
  • Surveyor’s fees
  • Removal firm
  • Services

I’m a first time buyer, what’s the process involved?

Roughly these are the steps involved in buying property:-

  • You find a property
  • You get a mortgage and appoint a solicitor
  • The mortgage company will carry out their valuation on the property
  • You instruct a surveyor to do a home buyers report or full survey
  • The Vendors Solicitor supplies draft contract, title deeds on the property to your Solicitor
  • Your solicitor arranges for local search and raises any queries with the Vendor’s solicitor.
  • Once your solicitor is satisfied you can proceed to signing contracts and agreeing a completion date.
  • You provide the Vendor with the deposit
  • Signed contracts are sent to you from Vendor
  • Contracts are exchanged and you arrange insurance for the property
  • Completion takes place on agreed date
  • Your solicitor pays remainder of purchase price to Vendor’s solicitor
  • Vendors solicitor confirms that sale is complete and arranges for keys to be handed over.
  • You move in!

What survey will I need?

If you wish to appoint a Surveyor to prepare a report on the condition of the property then this should be done when your offer has been agreed. Normally, two types of Report are available, depending on the extent of information you require. You should ask your solicitor which type of survey is appropriate for the property you’re buying.

Mortgage Valuation Report– This one is carried out by the mortgage company to determine that they are prepared to lend you money to buy the property. Often their valuation can be up to 15% lower than the asking price- this is because they are always more cautious. It does not mean that the property will not sell for the asking price. It’s not advisable to rely on a mortgage valuation – the mortgage company has no legal obligation to you. So you should arrange either a Home Buyers or Full Structural Survey.

Full Structural or Building Survey Report– This survey can be a very detailed report depending on what agreed with the surveyor. It goes a few steps further than the Home Buyers report and is often recommended for property that is particularly old.

How should I choose a solicitor?

It is important to appoint a Solicitor who will deal with the sale of your property promptly. The cheapest might not be the one who looks after your interest best. It is essential the Solicitor is geared to handling residential sales, can be readily contacted and can deal with your work speedily. In our experience, it is in your interest to appoint a Solicitor who is fairly local.

What’s involved in the Solicitor’s role?

You may want to get your solicitor involved as soon as you make an offer (which should be made subject to survey). Your solicitor can then advise what steps to take if there are any problems with the survey.

When the buying processes start and the Vendor’s Solicitor has obtained the property title deeds etc from the Vendor’s Building Society or Bank, they will prepare the contract of sale. Your Solicitor will then examine the papers and raise any queries based on the title deeds, and related matters about the property.

When your Solicitor is in receipt of all replies to enquiries, a satisfactory local search, a copy of a mortgage offer, a signed contract and a deposit cheque, they can then proceed to exchange of contracts.

The deposit cheque is normally for a sum of 10% of the purchase value of the property. You therefore need this sum in order for you to progress to exchange. Exchange means the transaction is legally binding.

Completion is normally 28 days from the date of exchange. On completion your Solicitor hands over the remainder of the purchase money to the Vendor’s Solicitor.

At completion, not before that exact time, you can move into your new home. Keys will be handed over by the Vendor or estate agent.

What do I need to arrange at exchange of contracts?

Obviously, also see if a friend or neighbor can recommend a removal firm. Get more than one quotation and don’t base your decision on price alone.

Arrange insurance-Buildings & Contents- You will need to arrange insurance for your property usually when contracts have been exchanged. Your solicitor will be able to advice.

Services, Maintenance Contracts and Council Tax– It is important, in order to avoid unnecessary costs/avoid disconnection, that you notify the service authorities (gas, water, telephone, electricity) of the date that you will be moving from your property. Also you’ll need to notify the service authorities in the area you are moving to of your move in date.

Some of the best location for property investment in Dubai

Top Tips for Home Buyers in Dubai

Dubai is the very popular and hottest property market in UAE. Many emirates and non-residents have chosen to best option to invest since freehold property was established for non-UAE nationals in specific areas of Dubai in 2002.

This Guide is explain the typical steps involved in buying a property in Dubai. The Guide is free of cost, not for only members of After reading it, you should have enough knowledge to handle your purchase with confidence.

Keep registering with estate agents.

Sometimes agents don’t get back to you or send details. It can seem like they’re not interested and you wonder if they want to sell houses! This is a misleading perception – they’re just busy and someone else might have beaten you to the post. Estate agents are not obliged to call you when your ideal property comes in. So it pays to call and visit regularly.

Appoint a solicitor before you find a property.

This will avoid delay once you’ve found a property and want to proceed to survey. It also shows the purchaser/estate agent you’re serious about buying.

Find out the history of property you’re interested in

E.G. How long it has been on the market, if any offers have fallen through etc. This’ll highlight any possible problems – for example did the purchaser find a problem at survey stage.

Offers should always be subject to survey.

Make an initial offer of around 10% less than the purchase price and be prepared to go upwards. You may meet somewhere in the middle. However, in a market where demand is high properties usually achieve their asking price and you run the risk of loosing it.

Establish solicitor’s costs up front.

Legal costs can mount up so establish what it could cost best and worst case. That way you can budget.

Kindly visit our following Buyer Guide to know more about buying process in Dubai, UAE.

How To Buy Residential Property in Dubai
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Find Out Freehold Properties in Dubai

Empire Prestige Properties is a leading player in Dubai real Estate. For any property query in Dubai region, kindly visit us on or feel free to call our executive at +971-4-441-6373. Our experts can guide you and help you make investment of a lifetime. We are a known company based out of Canada and believe eithcal practices.

Search Licensed Real Estate Agents or Brokers in Dubai

Its always recommended to deal with RERA Authorized Dubai Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Brokers while dealing in real estate market in Dubai.
If you want to search Real Estate Agency/broker in Dubai. You can visit

You will find the four options to search a RERA  Licensed Real Estate Broker i.e. Office Number, Office Name, BRN, Broker Name.

Search Using Office Number

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency,Real Estate Brokerage Agency in Dubai,Real Estate Brokers in   Dubai
Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by Office Number

If you have Office Number of Licensed Real Estate Broker, you can enter it. For Empire Prestige Properties,  is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency with its office number as 11928. So if you search 11928 as Office Number, you will find following results

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency,Real Estate Brokerage Agency in Dubai,Real Estate Brokers in   Dubai
Find Empire Prestige Properties by Office Number

Search by Office Name

If you know the office name, you can search by name also. For example if you search “EMPIRE PRESTIGE PROPERTIES” , you will find the results as below

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency,Real Estate Brokerage Agency in Dubai,Real Estate Brokers in   Dubai
Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by Office Name

Search by Broker Name

If you know the name of Licensed Real Estate Agent, you can search Broker Name. For example if you search “Murtazain”, you will find the associated brokerage agency name which is Empire Prestige Properties as below

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency,Real Estate Brokerage Agency in Dubai,Real Estate Brokers in   Dubai
Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by Brokers Name

Search by BRN

If you know the broker registration number (BRN) of Licensed Real Estate Agent, you can make search using BRN number also. For example if you search 27677 as BRN number, you will find the Empire Prestige Properties as search results.

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency,Real Estate Brokerage Agency in Dubai,Real Estate Brokers in Dubai
Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by BRN Number

Those who wish to Buy Property in Dubai or take a Property for Rent in Dubai may visit to We are licensed real estate agency in Dubai. Our website offers a wide range of options, including Apartments for sale in Dubai and Apartments for rent in Dubai.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Dubai Real Estate Scams | Tips To Identify Online Property Fraud

The property listing on various real estate portal looks like a dream property such as ideal location, has perfect and beautiful photos and is well below your financial budget. You send off an enquiry and get a speedy reaction from real estate agents: the landowner is right now abroad and can’t demonstrate to you the home. But if you can make online transfer some amount as a deposit as soon as possible, the property is yours.

Most of the people who have tried to lease a property on the web, this situation may sound very natural. New technologies have made easier for property seekers to get all the desired information at their home, but the internet also made it easier for online fraudsters to target both buyers and tenants.

In the past many cases are reported, where buyers and renters have fallen in victim of real estate scams in the UAE. Real Estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai, the legal regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, asking for individuals to check the accompanying data before leasing any property

  • Check the trade license of the Dubai Real Estate Company
  • Check it’s approved activities according to its license from DED
  • Check registration number and the brokers’ license from RERA
  • All the above information can be found on DLD’s website:

Here are the some guideline to help online property seekers avoid falling victim to a scam

1. Always first inspecting the property

Never agree to make any payments advance or sign an agreement without first inspecting the property. Seeing the property and meeting the Dubai Real Estate Agency are the most ideal approaches to ensure that the posting is genuine.

2. Verify the identity of the person you are dealing with

Make sure to check the property agent you are dealing with is a licensed real estate brokers, a simple online search can help you detect a scam. Search property address, name of Dubai Real Estate Agents find all licensed brokers details on DLD’s Website: DLD Licence Brokers Detail Page

3. Avoid listings that have been posted multiple times

One common trick is for fraudsters to duplicate a current (and genuine) posting of a property available for sale and repost it as a rental, with their own particular contact details.

4. Never share your personal information or documents

You should never be asked to provide your personal identification documents and bank account and other financial details to anyone over the Internet. Always remembers, never provide your credit, debit card details to anyone.

5. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

One of the most important rules in real estate is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Be aware about all online listing for attractive properties, which are exceptionally well or low priced for the particular zones. Scammers mostly used these very low price to tempt property seekers.

6. If you detect a scam, get in touch

Always focus on properties which are listed by well-known real estate agency in Dubai. Once you have detected any possible scam on a real estate search website, notify the platform immediately.

Empire Prestige Properties is Real Estate Agency in Dubai, authorized by RERA with highly qualified and well experienced RERA authorized real estate agents. Our certified property agents is help guide you for each step whether you looking of Properties for sale or rent in Dubai.

Here are the some important link where you can find various guide about Dubai Property:

Guide for Property Investment in Dubai
Guide to Buy Offices Retail Units in Dubai
Guide to Buy Apartments or Villas in Dubai
Guide to Rent Property in Dubai
Freehold Property in Dubai


Guide to Buying Property in Dubai

Buying property in Dubai is probably the easiest procedure of anywhere in the world. In May 2002 Dubai’s rulers issued a a new laws according  that foreigners were legally entitled to own freehold property and that buyer of property receive a free resident’s visa.

Most importantly for investors, Dubai simply has no taxes of any kind for both onshore and offshore activities. Dubai is not a ‘tax haven’, but a country with no taxes of any kind, or indeed a tax department.

Contract and Payment

Having chosen your desired property in Dubai you will sign a contract with the developer, which includes the payment terms. Expect to pay a 15% – 20% deposit followed by stage payments related to the build. Even though we uses reputable multi-national developers, we always recommend using a solicitor and we shall supply contact details of a suitable solicitor with knowledge of Dubai property.

The main purchasing fee payable other than the solicitor is a Sales Registration Charge. This is a 1-2% charge of which 1-1.5% is paid by the buyer and 0.5-1% is paid by the seller to the Dubai Lands Department, which registers the movement of real estate exchange.

Continuing Payment

The property developer forms an association of residents. This association comprises the residents of the building and has a president and manager. The association is responsible for day-to-day management of the building including the facilities – swimming pool, health club, Jacuzzi, saunas, tennis courts, landscaped gardens, 24 hours security, etc. The association is non-profit making so payment is at actual. The contract of purchase also details caps on the individual payments to the residents association.

Calculate your Rent or Mortgage by using Rent Calculator and Mortgage Calculator and if you are owner of property and want to calculate your property worth visit: Dubai Property Valuation.

Dubai – Most Popular City and Emirate in United Arab Emirates

Seven Emirates came together in 1971 to form the United Arab Emirates with Abu Dhabi as the capital and Dubai as the commercial centre. The Emirates are renowned for their wealth due to vast oil reserves in the deserts that surround the cities, but in recent years Dubai, in a forward thinking move to times when the oil supply will be depleted, has been pouring money into the city to create the most spectacular modern city in world.

Dubai has established itself as a leading tourist destination with its ideal situation for twin destination holidays to Southern Asia, but with incredible growth and the creation of new attractions it is now attracts 5 million visitors a year and is currently the third most popular long haul destination for British holidaymakers.

Dubai, as an ultra modern city with an electrifying atmosphere has the perfect recipe to attract the holidaymakers. Primarily the main attraction is the sunshine. It simply does not rain in Dubai, making it a perfect winter spot for those looking to escape for some winter sun.

Other key attractions of Dubai are

The ease of access with dozens of flights everyday from most of the airports.

Security – Strict laws and affluent population means crime is virtually unheard of.

Accommodation – Hotels are some of the best in the world, including the only seven stars Burj Al Arab, and property is of very high standard with complexes having facilities that match the hotels.

Universally outstanding food from a huge selection of restaurants.

The desert with desert safaris and sand boarding being very popular.

Shopping. Huge shopping malls with familiar labels and tax free prices are a must.

Entertainment including camel racing, horse racing, water sports and the Wild Wadi water park.

And if this is not enough, work has already commenced on the world’s tallest building, the world’s first underwater hotel, a revolving ski slope and a £3bn theme park – Dubai World.

Things You Must know About Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market has been powering forward in 2014, rising back to the prominence the Emirate enjoyed before the financial crisis.
Here are some interesting facts you must know known about extraordinary Dubai:

1. Foreigners make up 85% of Dubai’s population with Emiratis in a significant minority.  The majority come from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh seeking work in the booming real estate market.

2. Government provide subsidies to emiratis which include free education, medical care and free housing. However, 2014 has seen their subsidies cut back to actively encourage them to get jobs, mainly in the tourist industry.

3. Dubai is the on of the fastest growing city in the world. In 1991, the Emirate had just one tall building located at the edge of the desert – now there are more than 400 high rise buildings, including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, visible from 95km away!

4. Dubai discovered oil in 1963 and today it accounts for around 11% of GDP with tourism and trading representing bigger components of its economy.

5. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world with over 1,200 stores.

6. Dubai approached Disneyland with a view to building a resort in the Emirate. However, Disneyland turned down the project saying Dubai was too small.  Dubai then went on to construct its own theme park called Dubailand.

7. Despite being in the middle of the desert, it is possible to ski in Dubai – inside the Mall of the Emirates.

8. There are no personal taxes in Dubai.

9. Dubai real estate is growing so fast that one out of every 4 cranes on Earth is located there.

10. The iconic artificial Palm Islands imported enough sand to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings, that’s 94 million cubic metres in total.

11. The interior of the world’s most luxurious hotel – the Burj al Arab  is decorated with around 1,790sqm of 24-carat gold leaf. The 7-star hotel is the fourth tallest hotel in the world with rooms costing an average €16,000 a night.

12. Dubai’s police force shies away from regular patrol cars, preferring supercars in the hopes of impressing tourists, including the Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and even the Aston Martin One-77!

13. In Dubai’s development pipeline is a climate-controlled ‘city’ to be constructed on 4.45km² of land with air-conditioned boardwalks connecting the various sections together. The city will be twice the size of Monaco.