Sidra Villas by Emaar at Dubai Hills Estate

The successful release of Sidra Phases 1 and 2, Sidra Phase 3 is available now.

The successful release of Sidra Phases 1 and 2, Sidra Phase 3 is available now.  REGISTER FOR ACCESS

Dubai Hills Estate, the first phase of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, introduces Sidra. It is a collection of ultramodern luxurious villas elegantly designed for comfort and taste for the high life of its residents.

Sidra will feature five types of villas ranging from 3,102 – 4,283 sq.ft. each featuring 3-5 bedrooms.

Sidra can also avail of the Dubai Hills Golf Club in order for its residents to stay fit and active. It is a world-class golf course, an 18-hole championship one with a massive carpet of greens.

Simply choose the floor plan that suits your interior and lifestyle needs for a seamless living experience.

Get a post payment plan by paying 60% through easy instalments till completion and 40% payment post handover over 2 years.


Please Call +971 56 1701787 or send an email to  for further details.

Project Image:

Property in Sidra at Dubai Hills Estate by Emaar
Property in Sidra at Dubai Hills Estate by Emaar

gallery-1 gallery2 Villa1-Floor-Map Villa2-Floor-Map Villa3-Floor-Map Villa4-Floor-Map Villa5-Floor-Map


Search Licensed Real Estate Agents or Brokers in Dubai

Its always recommended to deal with RERA Authorized Dubai Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Brokers while dealing in real estate market in Dubai.
If you want to search Real Estate Agency/broker in Dubai. You can visit

You will find the four options to search a RERA  Licensed Real Estate Broker i.e. Office Number, Office Name, BRN, Broker Name.

Search Using Office Number

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Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by Office Number

If you have Office Number of Licensed Real Estate Broker, you can enter it. For Empire Prestige Properties,  is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency with its office number as 11928. So if you search 11928 as Office Number, you will find following results

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Find Empire Prestige Properties by Office Number

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If you know the office name, you can search by name also. For example if you search “EMPIRE PRESTIGE PROPERTIES” , you will find the results as below

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Search by Broker Name

If you know the name of Licensed Real Estate Agent, you can search Broker Name. For example if you search “Murtazain”, you will find the associated brokerage agency name which is Empire Prestige Properties as below

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Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by Brokers Name

Search by BRN

If you know the broker registration number (BRN) of Licensed Real Estate Agent, you can make search using BRN number also. For example if you search 27677 as BRN number, you will find the Empire Prestige Properties as search results.

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Find Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Agency by BRN Number

Those who wish to Buy Property in Dubai or take a Property for Rent in Dubai may visit to We are licensed real estate agency in Dubai. Our website offers a wide range of options, including Apartments for sale in Dubai and Apartments for rent in Dubai.

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Dubai Real Estate Scams | Tips To Identify Online Property Fraud

The property listing on various real estate portal looks like a dream property such as ideal location, has perfect and beautiful photos and is well below your financial budget. You send off an enquiry and get a speedy reaction from real estate agents: the landowner is right now abroad and can’t demonstrate to you the home. But if you can make online transfer some amount as a deposit as soon as possible, the property is yours.

Most of the people who have tried to lease a property on the web, this situation may sound very natural. New technologies have made easier for property seekers to get all the desired information at their home, but the internet also made it easier for online fraudsters to target both buyers and tenants.

In the past many cases are reported, where buyers and renters have fallen in victim of real estate scams in the UAE. Real Estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai, the legal regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, asking for individuals to check the accompanying data before leasing any property

  • Check the trade license of the Dubai Real Estate Company
  • Check it’s approved activities according to its license from DED
  • Check registration number and the brokers’ license from RERA
  • All the above information can be found on DLD’s website:

Here are the some guideline to help online property seekers avoid falling victim to a scam

1. Always first inspecting the property

Never agree to make any payments advance or sign an agreement without first inspecting the property. Seeing the property and meeting the Dubai Real Estate Agency are the most ideal approaches to ensure that the posting is genuine.

2. Verify the identity of the person you are dealing with

Make sure to check the property agent you are dealing with is a licensed real estate brokers, a simple online search can help you detect a scam. Search property address, name of Dubai Real Estate Agents find all licensed brokers details on DLD’s Website: DLD Licence Brokers Detail Page

3. Avoid listings that have been posted multiple times

One common trick is for fraudsters to duplicate a current (and genuine) posting of a property available for sale and repost it as a rental, with their own particular contact details.

4. Never share your personal information or documents

You should never be asked to provide your personal identification documents and bank account and other financial details to anyone over the Internet. Always remembers, never provide your credit, debit card details to anyone.

5. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

One of the most important rules in real estate is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Be aware about all online listing for attractive properties, which are exceptionally well or low priced for the particular zones. Scammers mostly used these very low price to tempt property seekers.

6. If you detect a scam, get in touch

Always focus on properties which are listed by well-known real estate agency in Dubai. Once you have detected any possible scam on a real estate search website, notify the platform immediately.

Empire Prestige Properties is Real Estate Agency in Dubai, authorized by RERA with highly qualified and well experienced RERA authorized real estate agents. Our certified property agents is help guide you for each step whether you looking of Properties for sale or rent in Dubai.

Here are the some important link where you can find various guide about Dubai Property:

Guide for Property Investment in Dubai
Guide to Buy Offices Retail Units in Dubai
Guide to Buy Apartments or Villas in Dubai
Guide to Rent Property in Dubai
Freehold Property in Dubai


Things You Must know About Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market has been powering forward in 2014, rising back to the prominence the Emirate enjoyed before the financial crisis.
Here are some interesting facts you must know known about extraordinary Dubai:

1. Foreigners make up 85% of Dubai’s population with Emiratis in a significant minority.  The majority come from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh seeking work in the booming real estate market.

2. Government provide subsidies to emiratis which include free education, medical care and free housing. However, 2014 has seen their subsidies cut back to actively encourage them to get jobs, mainly in the tourist industry.

3. Dubai is the on of the fastest growing city in the world. In 1991, the Emirate had just one tall building located at the edge of the desert – now there are more than 400 high rise buildings, including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, visible from 95km away!

4. Dubai discovered oil in 1963 and today it accounts for around 11% of GDP with tourism and trading representing bigger components of its economy.

5. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world with over 1,200 stores.

6. Dubai approached Disneyland with a view to building a resort in the Emirate. However, Disneyland turned down the project saying Dubai was too small.  Dubai then went on to construct its own theme park called Dubailand.

7. Despite being in the middle of the desert, it is possible to ski in Dubai – inside the Mall of the Emirates.

8. There are no personal taxes in Dubai.

9. Dubai real estate is growing so fast that one out of every 4 cranes on Earth is located there.

10. The iconic artificial Palm Islands imported enough sand to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings, that’s 94 million cubic metres in total.

11. The interior of the world’s most luxurious hotel – the Burj al Arab  is decorated with around 1,790sqm of 24-carat gold leaf. The 7-star hotel is the fourth tallest hotel in the world with rooms costing an average €16,000 a night.

12. Dubai’s police force shies away from regular patrol cars, preferring supercars in the hopes of impressing tourists, including the Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and even the Aston Martin One-77!

13. In Dubai’s development pipeline is a climate-controlled ‘city’ to be constructed on 4.45km² of land with air-conditioned boardwalks connecting the various sections together. The city will be twice the size of Monaco.

Cityscape Global Conference, 21-23 September 2014, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

The Empire Prestige team is looking forward to attending the upcoming event of CityScape Global Conference in Dubai – September 21 – 23, 2014.

CityScape Global Conference are the annual meeting point for real estate investors, developers, regional and city investment promotion authorities, architects, property designers and other real estate professionals to drive growth in emerging markets of real estate investment and development across globally. Above 25,000
participants, Cityscape is the annual opportunity to build and maintain your presence across Middle East real estate markets.

Visit Event Website

Rents falling in Dubai freehold communities

Latest RERA rent index update shows that rental declines Downtown across all categories of apartments in Dubai.

Downtown Dubai, an upscale community, is witnessing rental are declines across all categories of apartments – studios, One or Two Bed units.
Studio apartment rates are decrease from 6.25% to 7.14% as per the final index update with rents ranging between Dh65,000 and Dh75,000 PA.

Rental of One-bed units are available from Dh90,000 to Dh110,000 PA have decrease rent from 8.33% to 10%, while Two bedroom apartment, renting from Dh160,000 to Dh190,000 PA have decrease rent from 5.88%.

The rents for One and Two bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina remain stable at Dh90,000 to Dh120,000 PA and Dh140,000 to Dh170,000 PA but stdio apartment rents fall down by 6.675 to 8.33%.

Dubai’s ‘affordable communities’ are also witnessing a decline in rents.

International City : Studio apartment’s rent are decrease by 12.5% to Dh20,000 to Dh35,000PA, while 2 Bedroom apartment’s rent fall by 8.33% with lease rates between Dh45,000 and Dh55,000.

Discovery Gardens : Studio apartment’s rent are dropped by 10% to Dh40,000 to Dh45,000PA, while 1 Bedroom apartment’s rent fall between 7-8.5% with lease rates between Dh55,000 and Dh65,000. 2 bedroom remained steady at Dh70,000-85,000 PA

Remraam : Studio apartment’s lease rates dropped between 11 and 12.5% to Dh35,000 to Dh40,000 PA. 1Bedroom  remain unchanged between Dh45,000 to Dh55,000 PA.

Business Bay, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, and Dubai Silicon Oasis : Only 2 bedroom apartment rates are decrease from  6.27% to 14.28% with lease rates are available between Dh60,000 and Dh75,000 PA.

Business Bay : Lease rates rates for studios, One and Two bedroom apartments remained between Dh60,000-Dh70,000 PA, Dh80,000-Dh100,000 PA and Dh120,000-Dh140,000 PA, respectively.

In JLT : Rents for studio, one- and two-bed units continued to be around Dh55,000-75000 pa, Dh80,000-Dh100,000 pa and Dh120,000-Dh150,000 pa, respectively.

Dubai Silicon Oasis : Rates for studios, One and Two bedroom apartments remain at Dh35,000-Dh40,000 pa, Dh50,000-Dh60,000 pa and Dh60,000-Dh75,000 pa, respectively.

RERA, the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, updates the rent index thrice in a year.

If your contract is coming up for renewal, you can check the maximum increase allowed by the law through the rental index calculator, which applies the rent decree issued in 2013.

The Decree, No 43 of 2013 now sets a specific band for maximum rent increases that a landlord can demand at the time of renewing leases. The decree is applicable to private and public sector owned properties in Dubai, as well as within the free zones.

No rent increase if the rent of the property unit is less than 10 % of the average rent of a similar property in the same residential area.

If the rent value is between 11% and 20% less than the average rent of a similar property, the maximum rent increase shall be equal to 5% of the rent value.

If the rental value of a unit is between 21 and 30% less than the average rent of a similar unit, the maximum rent increase shall be equal to 10% of the rental value.

If the rental value of a property is between 31 and 40% less than the average rental of a similar property, the maximum rent increase shall be equal to 15% of the rental value.

If the rental value of a property unit is less than 40% or more of the average rent of a similar unit, the maximum rent increase applicable is of 20%.

The average similar rental value of the property will be determined by the Rera’s rent index.

Reference: Emirat24|7

UAE Central Bank fixes early home loan repayment charge at 1% of total outstanding

Or a maximum of Dh10,000, according to a senior Dubai banker
If your home loan contract in the UAE may define early repayment charges of around 2 and 4 % of the remarkable sum, you won’t be paying these charges at that rate any more.

The UAE Central Bank has now fixed early home loan repayment charges at one per cent of the total outstanding, or a maximum of Dh10,000,  by top banking sources

“The UAE Central Bank has put the early repayment charges for mortgage at 1 per cent of the outstanding amount or Dh10,000, whichever is lower,” a senior banker at a Dubai-based bank told this website.

In 2013, the Central Bank announced that it was limiting the amount of cash that homebuyers could borrow as it took the step to cool down property prices and curb speculation.

In 2013, Dubai’s property prices rose by over 20 % which is the quickest pace within the world,  while Abu Dhabi also saw prices rise by over 15%.

The mortgage cap restricted loans to expatriates and Emiratis at 75% and 80 % of a property’s worth, respectively, if it was worth less than Dh5 million.

For a property that was over Dh5 million, the limit was set at 65 % and 70 %, respectively.

The maximum period of the mortgage was limited to 25 years with the maximum age at the time of the last repayment was put at 65 years for expatriates and 70 years for UAE nationals.

The mortgage cap for second purchases was set at 60 per cent of a property’s value while mortgages for off-plan properties were limited to 50 per cent.

Besides, home buyers were not allowed to seek personal loans or use their credit cards to make any down payment requirements for property purchase.