Dubai Rental Property | Villas for Rent in Dubai

The ability to rent Villas in Dubai at a reasonable cost can often be a challenging task, especially for brand new city residents. The ideal rental property fits both budgets and location requirements, which can be difficult in any city under most circumstances. Dubai is definitely no exception to this pattern.

The overall Dubai population has more than doubled in recent years, and current projections show that it will double again in the near future. Although a large influx of people are coming into the city, the supply of villa for rent in Dubai is rather short. Total numbers of villas available for rent have not kept pace with the current growth. As a result, rents have skyrocketed to a noticeable degree.

A significant number of problems has resulted from the shortage of rental property in Dubai. Many current residents have become discouraged by the very high cost of living, and the situation forces many to commute to the city from surrounding Emirates, such as Ajman or Sharjah.

The amount of available housing units will likely increase as much as per years. A great deal of Dubai development property is currently in development and is expected to be done by that time. High rent prices will still remain an issue for residents, but the case for owning property in Dubai is also growing. In the case of property owners, renting their homes or villas can be a lucrative income stream.

Investors are currently researching the best options for buying Dubai property and renting it out. As higher numbers of new residents keep relocating to the city, property ownership in Dubai is nearly a guaranteed return on the initial investment for the buyer.

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Property for Rent | Apartments for Rent in Dubai

A new Dubai resident can find renting an apartment in the city to be quite challenging. It is difficult for people to find a nice place to live in the right location, especially when they are on a budget. It may take a bit of work to find the perfect apartment for rent in Dubai.

The population of Dubai continuous to grow at a rapid pace and is predicted to nearly double in the future. Since so many people are moving to the city, there are not always enough property available for apartment for rent in Dubai to fulfill the needs of new residents. The vast number of available property for rent in Dubai do not meet the needs of so many renters. Since property rentals are in high demand, rental rates have skyrocketed.

The shortage of properties for rent in Dubai has created many problems for residents looking for an affordable place to live. Many people are becoming frustrated with the expensive cost of living in the popular city. The inflated prices have forced residents to share rental apartments or travel each day from Emirates like Ajman and Sharjah.

The amount of available housing units will likely increase as much as per years after existing building projects are finally completely and become available to new tenants and homeowners. While expensive rental rates remain a problem, it makes home ownership more attractive to residents, which means that current Dubai property owners are in a terrific position as long as the huge rental demands continue.

Dubai real estate investors are interested in purchasing the hottest properties on the market since there is such a high demand for quality rentals in Dubai. As brand new residents continue to want to rent Dubai apartments and the population of the city continues to increase, investments in city property rentals are almost certain to be lucrative.

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Dubai Real Estate Scams | Tips To Identify Online Property Fraud

The property listing on various real estate portal looks like a dream property such as ideal location, has perfect and beautiful photos and is well below your financial budget. You send off an enquiry and get a speedy reaction from real estate agents: the landowner is right now abroad and can’t demonstrate to you the home. But if you can make online transfer some amount as a deposit as soon as possible, the property is yours.

Most of the people who have tried to lease a property on the web, this situation may sound very natural. New technologies have made easier for property seekers to get all the desired information at their home, but the internet also made it easier for online fraudsters to target both buyers and tenants.

In the past many cases are reported, where buyers and renters have fallen in victim of real estate scams in the UAE. Real Estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai, the legal regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, asking for individuals to check the accompanying data before leasing any property

  • Check the trade license of the Dubai Real Estate Company
  • Check it’s approved activities according to its license from DED
  • Check registration number and the brokers’ license from RERA
  • All the above information can be found on DLD’s website:

Here are the some guideline to help online property seekers avoid falling victim to a scam

1. Always first inspecting the property

Never agree to make any payments advance or sign an agreement without first inspecting the property. Seeing the property and meeting the Dubai Real Estate Agency are the most ideal approaches to ensure that the posting is genuine.

2. Verify the identity of the person you are dealing with

Make sure to check the property agent you are dealing with is a licensed real estate brokers, a simple online search can help you detect a scam. Search property address, name of Dubai Real Estate Agents find all licensed brokers details on DLD’s Website: DLD Licence Brokers Detail Page

3. Avoid listings that have been posted multiple times

One common trick is for fraudsters to duplicate a current (and genuine) posting of a property available for sale and repost it as a rental, with their own particular contact details.

4. Never share your personal information or documents

You should never be asked to provide your personal identification documents and bank account and other financial details to anyone over the Internet. Always remembers, never provide your credit, debit card details to anyone.

5. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

One of the most important rules in real estate is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Be aware about all online listing for attractive properties, which are exceptionally well or low priced for the particular zones. Scammers mostly used these very low price to tempt property seekers.

6. If you detect a scam, get in touch

Always focus on properties which are listed by well-known real estate agency in Dubai. Once you have detected any possible scam on a real estate search website, notify the platform immediately.

Empire Prestige Properties is Real Estate Agency in Dubai, authorized by RERA with highly qualified and well experienced RERA authorized real estate agents. Our certified property agents is help guide you for each step whether you looking of Properties for sale or rent in Dubai.

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